Summer Camp

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Athens Summer Camp

In July and August, we hosted our fourth annual Camp BOOST, a 3-week sports and academic program for children and adolescents aged 6 to 13. The program was sponsored through CIRS and held at the Ohio University Main Campus. This summer’s program was our biggest camp yet, with 48 children and families participating. Campers participated in 5 sports (soccer, football, kickball, softball, and swimming) for 5 hours a day and received social, organizational, and academic skills for 2 hours a day. Campers worked in groups of 12 – same aged peers and 6 counselors who were graduate and undergraduate students pursuing careers in clinical or counseling psychology, education, or social work. On Fridays, campers engaged in fun, on-site “fieldtrips” in which they had swim parties, water wars, video game marathons, or “Food Olympic” games. Parents had the option to attend workshops addressing parenting concerns, such as “How to Decrease Homework Hassles.” Workshops were led by graduate students specializing in clinical psychology and child-parent relationships. Parents reported that they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the camp, and many children requested that the camp run (for longer!) next summer. We plan to offer a similar program in July and August of 2017 Check back in March 2017 for application information

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