Our Inspiration

A Legacy of Inspiration

Black and white photo of some of the children who inspired usMaking a difference in the lives of children with emotional and behavioral disorders is difficult. Meaningful and sustained change is hard to achieve, and it is far too easy to be discouraged amidst the stories of child and family hardship. The story of Alvin V. Baird is one of inspiration that reminds us of the importance of this work.

Photo of Alvin Bird and Steven Evans“I met Alvin and Nancy Baird in 2000 when I was a professor at James Madison University. They were wonderful people who had a tremendous passion for helping youth with attention and learning problems. In addition to giving large financial gifts to James Madison University to help these children and adolescents, they gave of their time and passion to many undergraduate and graduate students, members of the community, and those involved in our center. I am fortunate to have known them and shared their friendship. The following pages tell some of their story.”

Steven Evans
Co-Director of CIRS

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