Classroom Behavior & Support Project

CBS is a collaboration between the Center for Intervention Research in Schools at Ohio University and the Center for Children and Families at Florida International University and funded by The Institute of Education Services.


  • To develop a multi-component consultation program that:
    Best supports teachers as they implement evidence-based classroom interventions for youth with ADHD.
  • Maximizes the delivery of quality classroom interventions within the realities of the typical school day.

To assess the impact this multi-component consultation intervention on teacher knowledge, skills, beliefs and student outcomes, as compared to a consultation-as-usual condition.

In the first year:

We developed and refined measurement tools for assessing teacher knowledge, skills, and beliefs, and procedures for the consultation sessions. Thank you to the community members who served on our Community Development Team and gave us feedback throughout this process.

In the second year:

We piloted and refined the assessment documents and consultation procedures through implementation with a small number of teacher-student dyads. Thank you to the teachers, administrators, and families in Logan Hocking and Berne Union School Districts who worked with us during this pilot project.

In the third year:

We are conducting a clinical trial in five elementary schools in the Lancaster City School District. In this trial, we are evaluating student and teacher outcomes associated with the two professional development and coaching programs. We very much appreciate the warm welcome that we have received from the principals and teachers within these schools and we look forward to collaborating with the teachers and families as we meet the needs of the identified students.

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